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I like to listen to stories and I like to tell stories.


Storytelling is the focal point of my life. My grandmother introduced me to the comfort and joy of storytelling when I was little and as a result, I have pursued being a writer (telling stories), a journalist (listening to and then telling stories), an editor (assisting others to tell their stories in a clean and evocative way), a creative writing coach(guiding others to find their voice to tell their stories while also telling my own), an artist (presenting my story and others’ stories in a visual and enticing way) and finally, a nomad (traveling around collecting stories and adding to my own).

I have four blogs.

The first blog is my novel told in poems, Letters to Jimmie, which tells the tale of a lost and lonely woman and a lost and lonely poet who find each other and so, redemption, and love by telling each other stories.

You can read parts of their story at Letters to Jimmie. (The best way to navigate the excerpt is to go to "Categories," on the left, and start at "Introduction," which tells the story in a nutshell, and then move to "Prelude," and move on from there following the chapter numbers . . . 1, 2, 3 etc.)

The second blog, Amy Rachel Kaplan, is my calling card. The site contains selections of my writing, my resume, a select list of who I’ve written for, edited for, designed for, and produced events for, flyers for my creative writing workshops, and my editing services and more. (The best way to navigate this site is to use the "Catagories" links at the bottom and choose the links you want to see.)

The third blog, My Golden Land, tells my story about my life right now. The story of my exodus, my going forth, and what treasure I am finding and why I went forth and where . . . . This blog is not chronological and is a mostly unedited ramble. Worth reading, though. Life goes on, always.

My last blog, PoemsArtMoi, is my poems and my art, well, some!

I spend my time traveling, writing and illustrating my little storybooks, practicing yoga, hiking, swimming, dancing, sleeping and being with family and friends. When I am not doing my own work, I am working for the National Park Service, writing and editing for others, and guiding my workshops.

Mahalo for visiting my blogs and spending time with me! Mwah!